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YOSTAR Young Styrian Architecture

date: 23.07.2018

Young Styrian Architecture;
Cooperation of Austrian and Slovenian architecture in the context of the national and international public.


YOSTAR Young Styrian Architecture

In the summer of 2018 all architectural experts have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition YOSTAR, which will be displayed in Graz, Maribor and Berlin. The aim is to strengthen the presence and integration of Austrian and Slovenian architecture in the context of the national and international public. This architectural cooperation is also supported by Eternit.

The goal of the exhibition "YOSTAR - Young Styrian Architecture" is to present the current Styrian architectural production in the regional and international context. Participating architects and architectural bureaus will present a project that will serve as an inspiration or an inspiration to the author's project, which in their opinion represents the most relevant interpretation of their architectural thought. most influenced their architectural creation.

At the opening of the exhibition at the Architectural House in Graz, around 200 people came.

The opening was attended by Matevž Čelik Vidmar (MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana) from Slovenia, who also wrote a preface for the publication of the exhibition, Patrick Schnabl (Head of Culture, Europe, External Relations), Markus Bogensberger (Administrative House of Architecture) and curator Petra Kickenweitz, who spoke on behalf of the curator Trio (Petra Kickenweitz, Armin Stocker, Žiga Kreševič).

On July 6, seven Slovenian architects presented at the exhibition presented their submitted projects, their architectural positions and gave insight into their work at short lectures.

Within three weeks, 780 people (including some visitors from Slovenia) visited the Architecture Home in Graz and the Architecture House of Maribor and later the Berlin Architecture Gallery.

Photos: Thomas Raggam - HDA